After Killing It Ended Last Season On A Cliffhanger, Craig Robinson Has Thoughts On Season 2 (And He’s Less Tight-Lipped Than A Star Wars Actor)

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Craig Robinson and his co-stars opened up!

After Killing It Ended Last Season On A Cliffhanger, Craig Robinson Has Thoughts On Season 2 (And He's Less Tight-Lipped Than A Star Wars Actor)

Summer is about to get a lot funnier for people with a Peacock subscription with the release of Killing It Season 2. The comedy, which stars The Office alum Craig Robinson, Claudia O’Doherty, and Rell Battle, returns for Season 2 more than a full year after the first season ended on some serious unanswered questions. Fortunately, Craig Robinson and his costars spoke with CinemaBlend to shed some light on what’s to come, and they weren’t all as tight-lipped as Star Wars stars! 

Killing It returns for Season 2 on August 17 to pick up where Season 1 left off with Craig making a big decision about his family and his own happiness over enabling his brother. After braving a hurricane to go on one last python hunt, Craig decided to kill a particular snake and turn it in to collect the grand prize, even though the snake was digesting a body that could incriminate Isaiah. Craig called his brother to give him a head’s up that the police were going to find some damning evidence, but that was about as much help as Isaiah was going to get. 

I spoke with the cast of Killing It earlier this year at SCAD TVfest in Atlanta, and took the opportunity to ask Craig Robinson – who plays Craig Foster – where the relationship stands between his character and Isaiah when Season 2 picks up. He explained:

He and his brother still have their differences, and they definitely grow. The relationship is tested.

It says something that Robinson could preview their relationship being “tested,” considering all that they already went through in Season 1! At least it’s safe to say that the events of the first season finale didn’t mean Isaiah going on the run off-screen in Season 2 and removing Rell Battle from the cast. Robinson went on to share how Season 2 compares to Season 1:

You hop in and buckle up! Just hop in. There’s no waiting around. Right away, you notice there’s something going on crazy and then turns out to be many things. So yeah, he gets his farm and then Murphy’s Law. Anything can go wrong will, and then Murphy’s Law times a hundred.

Getting his farm won’t be the end of Craig Foster’s problems, and the trailer for Season 2 suggests that his struggles will result in plenty of laughs for viewers. Especially if his partnership with Jillian Glopp is anything like it was in Season 1! Given where we last saw the characters, I asked Robinson if there would be a time jump. He shared:

Yes, there is. Like a year later.

While it seemed like a safe bet that the Season 2 premiere in the 2023 TV schedule wouldn’t pick up immediately where the first season finale left off, a lot can happen over the course of a full year time jump! I spoke to Rell Battle and Claudia O’Doherty, who respectively play Isaiah and Jillian, shortly after talking with Craig Robinson on the SCAD red carpet, and Battle had a hilarious reaction when I mentioned the time jump reveal from his co-star: 

Craig is giving you exclusive information that no one knows?! This is like a Star Wars script. No one’s supposed to know!

O’Doherty chimed in to reveal that Jillian will have longer hair and a better car for Season 2. Of course, it would be hard to have a worse car than Jillian had the first time around, but according to the actress: “It’s a Kia, a 2017 Kia, because the show is set in 2017.” As for Isaiah, I asked Rell Battle if his character would have expected Craig to go after the game-changing python and then tell him to go on the run, and the actor said:

You know what? The great thing about the show is that I think even we’re surprised. I didn’t think that at the end of the season that he would betray me, his brother, that way. I didn’t think I would say some of the things I said to him, so we’re all surprised all the time. Like, ‘Oh shit!’ Like the table reads are always like, ‘Oh, shit!’ Sorry, I’m cursing. No, I didn’t see it coming in, and then we see next season there’s gonna be even more surprises.

Isaiah and Craig didn’t exactly part on good terms, so it should be interesting to see what’s in store for them in Season 2… and to see if we can guess what episodes had Rell Battle saying “Oh shit!” at the table reads! For a taste of what’s ahead for one of the top Peacock originals worth checking out, take a look at the trailer: 

Season 2 of Killing It premieres on Thursday, August 17 with Craig Robinson and Co. back to deliver laughs all over again! It already ranked as one of the best shows to watch on Peacock after the first season, so only time will tell if it still holds up after the time jump and all that that will entail. 

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